CRoS (Come Rain or Shine)

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Reflection on the task

We chose to stick with the original game concept, Who Want To Be a Millionaire? We only changed the reward from money to rainy/sunny card. Thanks to my groupmates who come with the idea of CRoS because from that we create a game that not only suitable to teach the language (English), but also to teach Science, cross curricular to be exact.

It was not easy for us to develop our product, the game. Planning is the key factor here. All of us sit in a group and planned how the game should be by looking from the teacher’s POV and pupil’s POV. It is important for us to predict how the teacher can use this game in the T&L activity, and what the learners will get from the game. Then, we need to ‘see’ the lesson by imagining it, “on what stage this game can be used?”.We also need to think as the user of this game, the learners. “What will i learn from this game?”, “What are the purposes for me to play this game?”. To conclude this, this kind of game is suitable to any subjects that we want to teach, as long as we planned it carefully and look from the teacher’s and learners’ POV of the game.


We also need to give feedback to other groups’ presentation. It was a good session where we need to focus and think on the others’ work. “Does this group’s games suitable for me as teacher/learner?”, “Is this game easy for me as teacher to use in the classroom?”, “can I use this game in lack facilities situation?”. However, time should be given more to the feedback giver if we want to have this kind of session in future (difficulties is sharing computer).






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A lesson plan with games: Word Magnets

Word Magnets (

Learning outcome

3.3 Read and understand phrases, sentences, paragraphs, and whole texts.

4.2 Match words to linear and nonlinear representations:
i. word to word;
ii. word to phrase;
iii. word to picture, symbol.

4.4 Construct simple and compound sentences w ith guidance and independently.

Behavioural objectives

At the end of the lesson, pupils will be able to:

1. Construct at least three sentences from the word list based on the picture given.

2. Use computer and internet to find suitable language game.


Computer with internet connection, LCD projector

Teacher activities

1. Prepare the equipment needed for the activity.

2. Divide the pupils into a group of two or three.

3. Deliver clear instruction to pupils.

4. Facilitates the pupils during the activity.

Pupils’ activity

1. Listen to the teacher’s instruction.

2.Form a group of two or three.

3. Create as much sentences as they can.

4. Present their work to the class.

5. check other groups works with teacher.


The group with the most sentences with correct grammatical order will win this activity

Teacher handle the review activity where each group need to present their work to the class

The teacher with other pupils will comment and correct any mistakes on the group’s sentences.

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Myths and Legends

Myths and Legends

1.The functions of the tool
As a tool for teacher to deliver lesson in classroom.
2. The limitations of the tool
Need internet connection
The stories and myths collection only based on the myths,folktale and legend of British Isle.
3. When can this tool be used
This tools can be used by the teacher at anytime and anywhere (classroom, computer lab etc) as long as there are internet connection
4. The user friendliness of this tool
This tool is pretty easy to use. There are also guidance available for teacher to explain on how to use this tool in classroom.
5. The tool is suitable for which standard
This tool is suitable for all standard depends on the proficiency level of the pupils.
Teacher can use this tool to teach English language and teacher can cover:
Listening skills & oral comprehension:
Pupils can listen to the stories and then demonstrate their meaning through text, pictures or animations.  

Reading skills:
The stories foster language learning by providing rich and varied content, which can engage a listener’s imagination. The simple characters and structure make them useful for pupils to practise reading aloud, drama and spoken interpretation of text.

Writing skills:
The stories provide a good context for pupils to practise their own writing skills. For younger children, the E2BN story-making tool can also help with this.

To develop critical thinking:
The stories deal with fundamental themes that are relevant to all kinds of listeners or readers. Although the events in the stories may be imaginary, they carry significant messages and deal with such things as jealousy, abuse of power, dishonesty, sorrow, forgiveness or happiness.

Investigation & research skills:
They can be used to explore cultural contexts or research local myths. The stories are part of a national cultural heritage. They include elements of history, geography or even climate. They give insight into customs, traditions and problems faced by communities.

Cross-curricular activities and ICT:
The stories offer an opportunity for pupils to use a variety of media, including digital pictures, movies, audio and text, to illustrate the events that happen or to develop their own stories. The stories can also be used in many curriculum areas – literacy, local and social history and citizenship amongst others.

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T-PACK. I believe that all of you have read and know about this thing, so i will not waste my time typing everything about T-PACK (as usual lah, i’m not a person who like to write). So i’ll straight away to my lesson plan

Subject: Science

Class: 5 Usaha

Enrolment: 29 pupils

Theme: Investigating the Earth and Universe

Topic: Constellation

Curriculum specification:

1. Constellation

1.1 Understanding the constellation

Behavioral objective: By the end of the lesson, pupils should be able to:

  1. State what constellation is.
  2. Identify constellations.
  3. State the importance of constellations.


I only used my laptop and speaker as the technological instrument for my teaching activity. No LCD projector available(there were only one LCD projector in the science lab and the projector takes time to warm up). There are two videos of constellation that I’d showed to the class in group.


After the video viewing, I recall back on what the pupils had learn before from their science teacher as they already finished all the topics. So I consider the class as revision for their PKSR 3 test. Some of my questions are :

1. what is constellation?

2. How many constellation you have learn?

3. Do constellation useful to us?

4. What are the usage of constellation?

I ask them to work in group and then come out with the answer.

The final activities that i’d done with the class is through imagination. First, I asks them to imagine they stranded in the middle of dessert at night, without having any compass. How they can find direction? After that, i asks each of them to draw 1 constellation that they like most and come out with reasons for their favourite constellation.


The content of my lesson is mainly about the constellation. However, 1 component that i cannot miss is the moral value, which is appreciating God’s creation of universe.


The knowledge part is from both of the videos, the type of constellation, the usage of constellation, and how relevant constellation in the pupils’ real life.

Now, what can I conclude from here is, T-PACK come from the teacher on their own. Teacher create the T-PACK based on his need, his students’ need and the suitability of the class. What the most important is, the pupils get the correct input and you able to finish all the topic according to the time allocated.

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My 10 wish list

Below are the lists that I have made what I wish for regarding what I think to make learning using ICT efficiently in the classroom, in other words, what I would love to implement to my school. Some of my wish maybe ridiculous, only can make it happen if I’m the big bos to Malaysia, or MinED. HaHaHaHaHa

10. More budget from RMK being allocated to MinEd

More budget means more money. More money means we can buy enough facilities in addition to the existing facilities of ICT in the classroom. However, the one that really need the facilities are the school that lacking in this area (ICT), especially to the schools that are located in villages, or rural area. The students at these area also need to have the opportunity to learn, to get exposed through the world of ICT.

09. Teacher training

Teachers need to get exposed to this kind of ICT. How get this done? By having a carefully designed syllabus in the teaching training program to teach on how to create, how to use, how to implement the technology in the classroom and how to manage the equipment or ICT tools. The trainer should have experience, i mean practical experience, not only theoretical experience. Having a seasoned (not by age, but by experiences) will give the trainee a real view of how to implement the technology in teaching and learning process . Micro teaching held held in the IPG or U is not really enough, it is only a simulation. Bring the teacher trainee to real school, let them explore the real world.

08. Cooperation with government and private agencies.

I still remember back in my childhood years, I always enjoying the slot of TV Pendidikan on RTM 2 (if my memory serves me). In the show, there were real teachers delivering the lesson to the viewers. And now ASTRO also make the same thing through their program TVIQ. the only differences between those two is one is free, and the other one is paid. MinEd should have the initiative to restart back the TV Pendidikan thing, by using real teacher, experience teacher to deliver the lesson through national tv network. The ASTRO thing is also a good example of the involvement of private agencies, but it seems it only focuses on examination, which is not so applicable to all stages of primary school (including secondary school).

07. Widely available of internet connection

In this era of internet is so important, i would like to have a very good, widely available internet services. This could help in implementing ICT more effectively in the lesson. I-Information C-Communication T-Technology (correct me if i’m wrong). From this abbreviation, communication and information is very important. Having a widely, better to be if free internet access, teacher, as well as students can interact at any time. Both parties can also have the access of getting the information easily, thus will encouraging the students to be independent learners.

06. Sharing information

One school should have the initiative to have a ‘joint-venture’ cooperation with other school. A shared lesson between two different school via video conference in one example (we need to have good internet access to make this happen, so let assume that we already have it). Another thing is by staff sharing. Teacher from other school in being transfered for one or two week, to share their experience and knowledge in implementing ICT in classroom.

05. Dedicated ICT period for each subject

When each school in this country have enough facilities of ICT, i want to implement that each subject can have one or two period that must use ICT in the classroom as an obligation to each teacher. this sound ridiculous right? Trust me, with the work culture that we have in our country, this is the only way to make use ICT in education.

04. ICT friendly text book.

Text book is still needed (it will waste the effort, the money of CDC to come  with a set of standard textbook). Just make it more ICT friendly by proved CD-ROM courseware, or link to internet.

03. Student’s task

I would like my future students to have more tasks that need them to use ICT as main tool to get information, or using ICT tools as medium to present their work/task/assignment.

02. Teachers’ attitude

What I mean here is teacher’s attitudes towards implementing ICT in the classroom need to be changed. “ use la ICT..use textbook etc is much more easier la then using this ICT thing’………. change that first than we can have more ICT oriented classroom (OK, self reminder here….)

01. NO MORE IDEA!!!!

What else to write? i don’t have any ideas left for my wish list…just hoping that all of my wishes above could be realized…. (boleh ke masalahnya????? buli ba kalau kauuuuu)


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Teaching Practice – ICT in the classroom

This will be my First entry for this year, and for this new final semester in UM. For my first post, I would like to talk about my experiences with ICT in classroom during my Teaching Practice session last year.

So do I use any ICT in my lesson? My answer is yes.. I did planned to use ICT in my lesson. During my Lesson planning stage, I use mostly PowerPoint and MP3 music. Using ICT as teaching aid materials can help teacher to deliver the lesson in more interetsing way, rather than totally using books, white board and white board marker. In this era, where most of the kids were exposed to the internet and television everyday, it is important for teacher to create a lesson or a teaching aid that can attract the kids into the lesson, and letting them to feel and think that the lesson is fun, as fun as they playing internet games or computer games at home.

However, there are some shortcoming in using ICT in classroom, based on my experience during the teaching practice. The first and the most biggest barrier in using ICT is the time constrain of lesson. In my situation, usually the maximum time that I can have is three period (1 hour 30minutes) for English Language class and two period (1 hour) for Science subject. when i want to conduct a lesson which integrating ICT in the lesson, I need to take care on how much time it will takes not only in setting up the equipment in the classroom, but also to deliver and explain the instruction to the pupils. now, i know that all of you will say “how about the computer lab? you don’t need to setup everything there. just turn on the switch and  start you lesson’. please bare in mind that the computer lab is not located beside the classroom, or in the classroom. Still, the pupils need to move from the class to the computer lab, and that alone will take minimum 10 minutes from the lesson time.

Next is the availability of the equipment, such as LCD projector. Now you may say “owh ok, why did you pointing this up? Each school should have enough projector for you”. Damn you were right. But do all the projector functioning? The reality is, NO. I’m not going to blame the school for this cause, because I know that each of the projector is ‘Hak Milik Kerajaan’. And i know that it is not easy for the school to get the ‘peruntukan’ to repair each of them, since there are some procedure that they need to follow, and usually it takes time. And if the equipment is available, will go straight to the class, interupting other teacher lesson just to setting up the things that you want? No right? Imagine if someone doing that  to you, i dare to say that you will kick her or his ass out of the class. hahahaha

So what do i do as the alternatives to my problem? Simple. Have a plan B. I print out the pictures from my PowerPoint presentation, I draw any charts or diagram larger on a ‘mahjong’ paper, I draw if I need to. Simple solution right?

Enough for now. See you again in my next entry.

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last entry

finally we had reach to the end of survival game for this semester…

it was not easy because there are no easy things in this world

especially for me to write in this blog/portfolio as i’m not a person who like to write

but so far, for me writing up this blog helping me a lot…and this is the list of what do i had learnt from this blog

  1. 1st, i can post entry related to what i had learnt in class
  2. 2nd, the pkey3101 blog community really help me to find any information that i missed
  3. 3rd, it’s a great way of sharing thoughts and ideas (through comments)
  4. 4th, this blog can be use as medium to speak out our emotions –> emotions do play a role in learning as it has effect on learners’ motivativation
  5. 5th, the community can share information on teaching and learning (new way of teaching, the m-learning, digital citizenship, software/courseware etc)

frankly to say, having this type of platform (windows live) in learning makes my learning much more easier…i can find any related document form the net and store it online without having the problems of missing the file (unless there are rats outside there hacking my profile and steal from me)…
i also can share anything that i need for my learning with others (always sms them–> ‘ey, u alreday uploaded the things in your skydrive ah? if ya, tell me, i want to take it oso’)
online discussion, which i think really benefit for those who ‘malu-malu kucing’ ask–> not me okay, i’m only ask if i really have to ask..hohoho…seriously it makes us much more easier to discuss with the tutors because i know that not all the tutors are available for us 24/7 and so do us

one way way that can improve the usage of ICT (for me this course is totally about ICT in T/L) is by using another platform to inform the students on any updates that they need….try to use online sms services that are free from the internet, so any messages can be sent from internet to handphone via sms—> students nowadays have double sided tape in their hands so they can stick their handphone on their palm..hahhahahahah…the point is not all of us have the accsess to internet 24/7, and i dare to say that not all the students have the willing to open the internet to check any updates (malas laaa…boring laaa… lalalallala)

so that’s all for my last entry…before i end, i would like to thank to all tutors and the lecturer that helping us a lot for this course….thank you for keep on giving us your attention to us, which i realy appreciate (i know it’s hard to entertain 73 different people with different attitude)..once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

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